Appreciation Marketing for Business

Sending e-mails has become the norm for businesses.  Businesses are constantly spamming their customers and sending them junk mail that they don’t want to receive.  So after a while, what do customers start doing? delete, delete, delete!  Or they simply unsubscribe.

A newsletter should only be sent once a month with email autoresponders and news updates no less than 10 days apart.  Otherwise, customers get too much.  We all know what it’s like to receive tonnes of mail all at once that you have no time to read and it’s annoying and intrusive.  It’s a bit like a TV commercial in the middle of your movie.  We all love to take a break now and then to get up and stretch during an ad – but with a junk email – all you can do is delete.  So the question then is, with the information age, how else do you communicate with your clients?  Simply, the answer is Post!  Mail them something – but again, not junk!  Don’t send them a flyer, it will only go in the garbage.

Send your customers something that they will read, or something that they will use.   Start to connect with your customers on a personal level.  This is being neglected by businesses currently, and it is an opportunity for your small business to get ahead of the competition in a real, and genuine way.

It’s called “appreciation marketing“.  Let your customers know that you care about them enough to send a personal greeting card.  They won’t delete it, and they won’t throw it away.  But they will probably remember you, and if you start including them in your Christmas mailing lists, or birthday lists, they may become lifelong, loyal customers who will refer you on.

Here’s a great video that talks about appreciation marketing for business:


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