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A birthday is a truly special day for everyone, regardless of their age or culture.  It has been celebrated globally for centuries and will continue to be celebrated for many more to come.

It is said that the Birthday Card is over a hundred years old.  Although there is no record of this, or any documents to tell us who sent or received the first birthday card, the tradition of sending Birthday Cards began in England a century ago.

In those days people would personally greet the person on their birthday, and when a they were unable to do so, they would send a Birthday Card. In some ways, it could be seen more like an apology back in those days rather than a nice gesture of kind words and thoughts.

Luckily, these days a Birthday Card is a fabulous way to tell someone you remembered their special day and you want to share in their celebration.  It’s a way of letting someone know you care about them enough to go through the trouble of giving them a birthday card.

Nowadays, personally delivering a birthday wish seems almost impossible with our busy lives.  Even sending a card seems to be declining and the growing popularity of the E-card has taken over.  However, this has made the special gesture of Birthday Cards not special at all.  An E-card is impersonal and most times free.  It takes little or no effort to find, create or send and doesn’t tell the receiver that you cared enough to send a real card.

A real card that is hand-written and that has a birthday wish is far more personal and special than an e-card and lets the person know that you cared enough to send it that much more.  It’s almost as if a little more effort went into choosing it, writing a few words, and putting it into an enevelope and sticking it in a mailbox.  It makes everyone’s day when they receive a card, so why don’t we send them more often?  For some, it’s the cost, others its the effort or the time.

Finally however, there’s an easier way.  SendOutCards allows you to send a card as easily as an e-card, but with personalisation, a real signature, photos, an envelope, stamp and mailed via Australia Post to their door.  It costs around a dollar including postage.  So the question is why isn’t everyone doing this?  It’s probably because they haven’t heard of this amazing new system.  New because its only new in Australia, but it has been around the use for a years now.  Just think of how many people you can send cards to now!

To try the system and to send a free card click here:

Cards Online

Never forget a birthday again.  Use our unique system to send reminders about birthdays, store contacts with birthdays and addresses easily. Choose from thousands of birthday cards online.  Personalise your cards or include photos to make your card more personal.

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