If you are a business that is looking for an easy option for sending cards and gifts, this is your solution.


With a business account, you will get the absolute lowest prices on cards.  We have both subscription plans and bulk plans available depending on your needs!  

You can also send GIFTS with this account, such as Gift cards, and gourmet foods like cookies and brownies (a favourite with most staff & clients).   Get Your Account Here and start sending your business greeting cards.


Some Aussie businesses who are already using us to send their cards include:

Realtors, Accountants, Registered Training Organisations (RTO's), Recruiters, Sales Agents, Insurance Brokers, Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planners, Schools, Salons, Chiropractors, Churches and Coaches


  • We offer a contact manager that allows you to import your contacts. No need to enter them in by hand. You can use our CSV uploader to upload hundreds or even thousands of contacts in minutes.
  • Organise your contacts into groups and even include groups like prospects, friends, referrals, customers – however, you want and send card campaigns to your specific groups.
  • You can create card campaigns that include one or even multiple cards sent at different intervals for excellent follow up. For example, you can create a new campaign for interested customers that goes out once every 2 months so that you can keep in contact with them. Simply select the contacts you want to send the campaign to and we’ll automatically schedule your cards to go out.
  • You can even automate your birthday cards and anniversary cards so that your clients know that you care about them, without your having to remember and hand-write a new card each time.  They’ll get a handwritten card from you using your own handwriting font that we’ll create – and even include your own personal signatures.
  • We have clients with tens of thousands of contacts in their database and who send to these contacts on a regular basis.
  • Our system can handle orders in the hundreds of thousands. We’ve had days where we printed and mailed over 250,000 cards in a single day.

Types of cards you can send:

  • Birthday
  • Christmas
  • Anniversary
  • Thank you
  • Easter
  • Follow Ups

  • Referral Thank You’s
  • Coupons
  • Gifts and Gift Cards
  • Holiday Cards