Customer Relationship Management: Online v.s Offline Marketing

I’ve been in the online industry now for more than 6 years and have built many an online business both for myself and for clients.  The biggest problem that I have seen in my experience is the lack of follow-up on enquiries.  A phone call may suffice, and email may get sent, but after a year where is that follow-up?

To me, it is a warm lead because when the prospect enquired they were interested and approached the company for more information.  Maybe at the time they were not ready to purchase, however if proper follow was done that prospect could have become a client a year later when they were looking to purchase.

So where has the company gone wrong?

Customer Relationship Management System is Not Being Used Effectively

So how do you know if you are doing it the right way? Well I suppose there is no ‘right way’ but there are a few approaches such as using both online and offline strategies that allow to keep in touch with clients even after they may have unsubscribed from your mailing list a month or two after.  By following up with an offline marketing campaign such as a postcard campaign this can serve as a reminder to clients.

Does Your CRM Remind You to Follow Up?

If your Customer Relationship Management system doesn’t remind you to follow up on anniversaries or renewals then there is a gap or a flaw in the system.  Getting a customer and getting a lifelong customer is different.  What is a customer worth to you? What is their purchase actually worth in terms of future sales?  It is on this basis that follow up and the personal touch is necessary.

63 thoughts on “Customer Relationship Management: Online v.s Offline Marketing”

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