Creating an Income with Greeting Cards

SendOutCards offers such an amazing opportunity to be in business.  Whether or not you are employed or own a business, with this opportunity, everyone can be a business owner.

The Opportunity gives everyone the ability to earn residual income, or as I like to call it ‘beach money’.  Residual income means that the money comes in all of the time, whether or not you do anything such as sell a product or give a service yourself.  It’s money that comes in while you sleep and is another source of income.

Everyone should have multiple sources of income as far as I’m concerned.  Why not?  It can be your fun money, your kids education, your vacation, your investment property – whatever your ‘why’ is for needing more money, let your additional stream of income be that money- especially since you don’t have to work 9-5 to get it!  I mean who really wants to go to a job that they don’t like from 9-5 just so that they can enjoy their income and do their ‘why’.

Imagine being able to send gifts and cards to people and earn money from it.  Send out to ‘give’.  It’s an incredible philosophy and one by which this company stands by.  You send out good things, and you attract these good things – it’s the law of attraction.

So your goal for today is to think of all of the people who you HAVEN’T been in contact for in the past 10 years.  If you can compile a list of 30 or more then you need to get in contact with these people, and what better way than to send them a heartfelt greeting card!

For less than a dollar, you can make someone feel really good, you can nurture your relationships and as a result, in the long run you’ll be growing a business.