Proper Etiquette Tips For Sending Christmas Cards

Christmas season is here; time to send gifts and Christmas cards. When it comes to sending Christmas cards, many families have perfected their own personal ways they follow when sending Christmas cards. That said; there are still rules that need to be followed to ensure that your holiday cards bring that cheer to the people you are sending the cards to.

Below are several tips you should observe:

Personalise Your Cards

Check which cards are going to which families. Many people sending out cards prefer sending out generic cards with the cliché messages “Season’s Greetings” or “Merry Christmas” to everyone whom they think deserves to get a Christmas card.

However, sending personalised cards is the best idea yet. If your family is big on Christmas, then do your part and send Christmas cards. Though, every card you send out needs to be kept appropriate to the recipient.

When to Start Posting Your Cards

Post your Christmas cards as early as possible. But, do not mail the cards too early. The week you celebrate Thanksgiving is the best time to mail your Christmas cards. Your cards should arrive by the middle of December.

Since an early Christmas is no fun, see to it that you’ve sent the cards in the best time because post offices are by far too busy during the holiday season and your cards can be delivered days after Christmas. Send the cards in the right time.

Authenticity – Make Your Card as Personal as Possible

Whenever it is possible, use your own handwriting. The envelope carrying the card should be written in your own handwriting so is your name and signature inside the cards. This shows that you care enough.

To sweeten the deal, if you have the time, throw in a short handwritten note and place it inside the card. DO NOT forget to include your return address on each card you sign. The return address serves several sessions.

For starters, the recipient will know who the owner of the card is and the card will supply them with a current address every year and they will use the address to send back a card to you or a gift.

Say NO to e-Cards!

Whatever you do, refrain from sending e-cards to substitute real cards. The whole idea of a real Christmas card is showing generosity and how much you mind the person you’ve sent the Christmas cards to.

Remember, eCards do not send a heartfelt message.

Business Christmas Cards

If you are sending Christmas cards to business associates, it’s best that you send the cards to their offices. If however, you know the business associate socially, you can send Christmas cards to their homes.

A word of caution; if you haven’t been introduced to their families, always sign the card professionally. For a business associate card, sign it with a note from you personally. Keep the family photo cards for your friends and relatives.

Finally; when sending cards to co-workers, see to it that you’ve mailed the cards to their homes as opposed to giving them out at the office. Mailing is a personal gesture that helps you keep conflict at bay especially if you didn’t get Christmas cards for everyone.

Besides, nothing beats posting out your Christmas cards as the feeling one feels when they receive an addressed envelope is truly magical!