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Sending Easter Cards Almost as Popular as Chocolate

Easter CardsAccording to the BBC,  chocolate is an Easter tradition, but not sending Easter Cards.

Easter is a special time for many religions and some just enjoy the tradition of Easter egg hunts and family meals:

This year in the UK, card shops have a dedicated sections for bunny and egg bedecked cards and people are wondering why.

According to the Greeting Card Association (GCA) the British are gong crazy for cards, on birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day – any occasion and the Brits are sending cards

According to an organisation called Mintel, the greeting card industry in the UK is worth more than £1.2 billion a year which according to the GCA is more than tea and coffee put together.

The Mailbox

According to a recent BBC article, the British buy more cards than in any other country in the world, averaging 55 a year.  This makes them the most successful greeting card industry in the world per head of population, according to GCA statistics.

“All our members say Easter card sales are up, which is probably why we are seeing more of them in shops than before,” says a spokeswoman.

According to Clinton Cards – the UK’s largest specialist greeting card retailer – Easter cards make up 12% of the spring season market. Not bad considering it is up against Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

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