When Should I Send My Company Christmas Cards?

cardsWriting & signing company Christmas cards can be a time-consuming process and take up precious man hours.  Thankfully, using this system customized company Christmas cards can be created and sent much faster, with the same wording, handwriting, and employee signatures & photos.

To get started sending Company Christmas Cards here’s what you’ll need:

1) An Account with us (call me to set this up 0414 927 117. Your account will instantly be setup – no waiting!)

2)  Your mailing list. Be sure to have your list of clients ready and put into a CSV file so that we can easily upload it to our system.  This is good for your own records so that you have a database ready each Christmas to send your cards out. Gathering your list will take anywhere between one day and one week, but if you have an existing list from last year, it might only take a few minutes to add new names for 2013. The ideal time to have your cards arrive is mid-December. This is the time when people will be on the lookout for cards in their mailbox, as most families prefer to open cards before Christmas or the New Year.

3) When planning to send Christmas cards, it’s best to have your cards ready by the start of December so that you can sign, seal, and stamp them within a week or two. You can wait a bit longer to send out your cards—but don’t wait too long! Generally, for cards around Australia you’ll want to give at least 7-10 days during the busy season to get the cards printed and posted out.