christmas card etiquette

Christmas Cards Tips for Sending

If you’re a business that is considering sending cards to its clients this Christmas, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before you start sending.

christmas card etiquetteHere are 4 tips to help you before you send them:

1. Get Your Christmas Cards Ready and Mail Them Early

Be prepared and make sure you have your cards ready in order to send them to your customers.
This means the recipients will get their cards- no matter where they may live- in plenty of time. Getting a Christmas card the day before the holiday isn’t good etiquette. It often comes across as if you were thought of at the last minute.

Getting a Christmas card the day before the holiday isn’t good etiquette. It often comes across as if you were thought of at the last minute.

2. Choose Appropriate Christmas Cards for Your Recipients

Be professional in your cards because you are sending them to your customers.  You don’t want to offend a customer, or send something that comes across as non-professional depending on your industry.  If you aren’t sure, seek advice from others in your industry, or play safe and be more conservative with your choice of card imagery.

3. Respect Non-Believers’ Feelings and Beliefs

Respect people’s feelings and beliefs who don’t celebrate Christmas. Don’t send them cards as a way to antagonise them, or rub your beliefs in their faces. There may be other customers who don’t believe in Christmas so if you come across this be sure to solve it in a manner that is acceptable.  Consider whether or not you may have a strong Muslim or Jewish clientele, in which case wording such as “Seasons Greetings” or “All the best for the holidays” may be more appropriate and won’t offend anyone.

4. Create a Lasting Impression.

You want to impress your customers so start by creating a design that will make a lasting impression.  Include some amazing images of your team, country, or even some fun festive Christmas ones where you use props to add some life and lightheartedness to your company culture or vibe. This is your one opportunity to really make an impression with your clients this year, so make it count.  Send a premium card stock paper, and include a small token so that you can be remembered and make your clients feel appreciated.



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