Send Christmas Cards to Your Clients & Build Relationships

Christmas is a great time of year to let your clients know that you’ve appreciated their business for the previous year by sending them a custom card to show that you care.

If you’re thinking about sending out Christmas Cards this year here are a few tips to make sure you do it right:

Don’t send your customers an eCard

An e-card is impersonal, and although it is affordable and convenient, it’s not as effective as a real, physical, handwritten card.  E-cards can appear spammy, and they don’t have the same impact as a real card.  The last thing you want is for your customer to feel negatively towards you for sending them spam!

Personalise your cards

Make your customers feel special by sending them a personalised, handwritten card for Christmas.  By ensuring that each card speaks directly to the recipient will make that customer feel extra special. “Dear First Name” or “Dear First Name & Spouse Name” are great ways for businesses to truly show appreciation to their customers for their support for the past year.  It also builds rapport with the customer and their family when you include their names in the card as well.

Although including photos individually for each card can take a bit more time, it can make a card extra special.  If you’re using the same card for all of your clients then simply include a photo of yourself & your staff so that the card is as personal as it can be. Photos can make a card very personal and special.

Try to keep images & wording secular

In this day and age in Australia people come from diverse backgrounds and religions.  Try to keep the wording on your cards and the imagery as generic as possible.  As these are corporate cards, you don’t want to assume that a customer celebrates Christmas, when they actually celebrate Hannukah. Even though you may, it’s still a nice idea to keep the wording simple and use phrases like “All the best for the season”, “Happy Holidays” Or just put some festive imagery and thank them for their loyalty throughout the year.

Include a small gift

Have you ever worked out the lifetime value of your client? Imagine if a small gesture such as an unexpected gift like brownies or cookies during the festive season was given to your customer. How would that make them feel? Like a million dollar client!  There are different options to choose from, but that is certainly one way to stand out from all of the noise and to be remembered this year.  Brownies are always a winner in my books!

Get your cards out early for Australia Post

Christmas time can be a bit crazy for Australia post, so try and get your Christmas cards organised as early as possible.  October is probably the best time to start organising them and getting them ready to be sent out.  Ideally, your cards should be posted out prior to December 10th to avoid them arriving late.  You can always have your cards scheduled to be posted on a specific date if we are sending the cards for you if you wanted to get them organised super early.  Best to be early than late this time of year!