christmas cards

Send Real Christmas Cards Online

christmas cardsThese days when people don’t send cards very often, Christmas is that one time of year that most people do send cards. It can be a major effort to write and send cards to all of your friends and family and can take many hours of time to organise. That is if you do it the old fashioned way that is time consuming and unnecessary!

Luckily we are in the 21st century and we have technology on our side with great online Christmas card systems like Send Out Cards. Systems like this are not only easy to use but offer a greater level of creativity. The imagination really is the limit. You can create personalised Christmas cards online using your own photos and images and do such things as add in speech and thought bubbles and decorative graphics and fonts of text. With the send out cards online Christmas cards you can actually upload your own handwriting font to the system that you can then use for the writing on your card.

Create Real Christmas Cards Online

The real simplicity of systems like Send Out Cards is that you can create one awesome Christmas card and then send that card to all of your friends and family with just a few clicks of the mouse button. The system will then print all of the Christmas cards, put them into envelopes, address them and mail them out. So instead of writing out tens or hundreds of cards you can just write one and the system will do the rest! This is such a time saver and chances are that your friends and family will receive a Christmas card like never before. Instead of a flimsy card that came in a pack of 100, they will get a high quality card full of photos of you and your family that they can cherish.

For an added touch especially for friends and family that you haven’t seen in a long time, try making a video and putting it on youtube then adding in a qr code or quick response code when you create your online Christmas card. This way they will be able to open your Christmas card, scan the qr code with a smart phone and watch your special Christmas video. Remember imagination really is the limit!

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