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Most people in the online marketing world know how invaluable autoresponders are to their online businesses. Normally, as soon as an e-mail is received, or something has been purchased the customer receives and immediate “thank you”.

Roughly ten days later another email goes out that says, “So happy for your business, we wanted to know if you…” and then another month or so later another email can go out to touch base and connect with that customer or potential customer. Autoresponders are an excellent way to keep your contacts up to date and to build the client relationship.

But is that enough?  Have you ever wondered why other businesses still persist with traditional marketing? Could it be that the results are in and customers want to have ‘physical contact’ from business owners.  I suppose the fact of the matter is who will you buy from the next time, the impersonal e-mail or the fantastic company who sent you a “Personal Thank You” through the post, handwritten and signed by someone in the company? Imagine how that would make them feel, and what it would make them think of you – probably the first thought would be “I can’t believe they took the time to send me a card”.

So many of us rely on email, that we’ve forgotten that the post is a very effective way of marketing and it works.

A real “Thank you” says a lot, it says you took the time, and the money to really show that you appreciate their business.

So now you’re wondering how can you do this with minimal effort and money? Well there’s a great system out there called SendOutCards and it can do this for you.  It can even send autoresponder card campaigns and the system will do the work for you.

So if you’re looking for a way to make your follow-ups stand out from everyone else’s, SendOutCards is definitely one of the best ways you can do this.

If you’d like to get a free account instantly please go here: Send a Free Card

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