Greeting Cards are Expensive!

Who among us has time to go to the news agency then, handover $5 to $10, drive or commute to the post office before 4:30pm (when we’re working), write something, address it, and get it in the mail? The cost of the card has significantly gotten more expensive especially if you have to factor in the time off work, or your lunch hour, the cost of gas or your bus ticket and the already costly greeting card (that you took an hour more to choose). How much did that $5 card really cost you?

If you are as busy as I am, and have to do this everytime you have to send a birthday or thank you card, odds are you won’t get it done as often as you’d like to, or on time.

So how the bleep can you send a greeting card?

Do it the easy way-

  1. Fill Out This Form
  2. You’ll get your link & login details with a free account to send your first card.
  3. The guide will walk you through the entire process.  Simply Select your card design, write your message, include a photo of yourself or the recipient, or if you prefer, design your own card using photos and your own design. Then click SEND.
The system does the rest – it even licks the stamp and puts it in the mailbox for you!
If you like this idea, then odds are you’ll need your own account (since I’ll only give you 1 free card to send courtesy of my bank account!).

You can get your own account for less than $10 a month for about a dollar card with NO SETUP FEES! Of course, if you send LOTS of cards, the Wholesale Account would be a better option and your cards cost about $0.62c instead.

The whole process just takes about 5 minutes – and just look at how much easier it is.  How can easier end up being cheaper? Pretty amazing if I might say so myself – hence the reason this is the ONLY way I can afford to get my cards out on time.  Best of all….I can cheat and send out 100 cards to my clients using a card campaign – and I don’t have to remember their birthdays for the rest of the year – 5 minutes and I’m the best for remembering those special days in their eyes!

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